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Are you looking for the nail salon which delivers the finest nail & spa services in the area? You want your nails to be unique and stylish? You are at the right place!
Visit Dunkirk Nails & Day Spa and get the services you expect! Located conveniently in Dunkirk, Maryland, zip code 20754, we hope you will be easy to find and enjoy happy time with us. From the moment walking through our door, you will be greeted warmly by our friendly & professional staff members.
If you want a manicure that lasts for more than two weeks! One that resists chipping, yet feels light just like your own real nails? In fact, your nails will be stronger after this kind of mani. It’s time to take a look at dip powder nails.
✅SNS products supply vitamins A, E, D3, and B5 as well as calcium to strengthen nails
✅No primer needed; finish dries in 2 minutes without UV light
✅Manicured nails feel light but are strong
✅SNS products do not contain toxins
Dip powder manicures are a safe and brilliant way to achieve glossy, beautiful nails that stay looking great for up to a month at a time. We are committed to providing you the latest advances in beauty care. We use ONLY the most trusted brands in the beauty industry. Our products made from organic ingredients that will not harm your nails and bring you the best look!
Especially, if you want to bring the Brides, Bridesmaid, Flower girl or plan your daughter next birthday with a few of her special friends or just enjoy the great girls day out with you and a few friends, let reserve our VIP room and enjoy the “privacy” and special discount for group outing…

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